Ever wanted to grow your own flower, but hate to work in the garden? Well we have the answer for you!

Help this innocent flower grow into it's full potential by guiding it to the water it so desperately needs! But be careful, there's a grumpy little storm brewing, with lightning and stuff.


- Mobile : Tap left and right

- PC : Arrow keys

Other controls:

- Mobile : Just tap until you see something works

- PC : Space Bar


Game idea and most of the pixel art was made by the one and only Imonk.

Thanks for the collaboration!


This is our entry for the Mini Jam


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Really nice game, smooth controls.  I love the music, perfect for this game.  I like this game :)

Thank you for trying it out!


Nice sound design.

The percentage text should be a different colour.

Kinda frustrating that I can't make it to the other side of the screen on time.

It was confusing at the start, whether I was the cloud or the flower.

Overall I enjoyed though! Reminds me of Tamagotchi for some strange reason.

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Thanks, yeah I noticed the percentage color should probably be green instead too. The music was by FacePalm by the way.

Thanks for playing, and for giving feedback! :D